Rujan Entwicklung & Forschung

We are R-EF

R-EF GmbH is a research oriented company developing and producing software engines.

The EF in “R-EF” stands for “Development and Research” - in that order. The main goal of research is to identify, understand, and solve problems, so why not deal first with the problems raised by our clients, partners, and our own development? Great things can be discovered anywhere, if only one digs deep enough.


Our Company

R-EF was founded by P. Rujan after he left Kofax Development GmbH in 2008. The company's main focus is in developing intellectual property and software engines for both public and enterprise IT-applications. The main domain of expertise is in artificial intelligence, image and language processing, error correcting codes, and visualization.

The Research

This page describes several main research areas in which we are actually involved. These are centered around ‘pragmatic’ machine learning theory, also co-notated as ‘classification’ and ‘clustering’, data structures/algorithms for associative memory. We also work on theoretical algorithms for ‘Stringology’, mainly in connection with Natural Language Processing.

The Technology

Here we present some of the already available R-EF technologies: classification, search, database direct access, matrix codes, and visualization software engines. In general, we are specialized in image and language processing for enterprise applications. You can download papers about our research results, product features, and application domains.

The Projects

These include some Reference projects we developed in the past, like the “Seeing Scales” project for „learnable“ fruits and vegetable recognition, as seen at the hypermarkets of Carrefour. Recently we developed the project “kc-code (kinetic color code) for moving objects” and “secure paper”, for which we were awarded US, EU- and Russian patents.

The Products

This site details our actual and the soon available products. R-EF products consist of SDK’s (software developer’s kits) with C#, Java, and JavaScript API’s, as well as more complex applications for specific domains developed on demand. We provide consulting services and/or research on the mentioned areas.

This site will be updated and extended regularly, while keeping constant its basic structure. We are not requiring you to identify yourself in order to download papers, software, or other content from it. However, we do require that certain R-EF content be linked on your side to its original URL. We also ask you to refer to any of this material via its original link on this site. The parts denoted by © are copyright of R-EF, please contact us if you wish to use them. If you have difficulties reading these pages please use the small flags underneath: you can automatically translate the whole site via GoogleTranslator. Actually, Google uses a massive neural network engine to perform translation, so using it you can see yourself what this technology already can do.