The secure paper concept is closely related to the kc-code (kinetic color code) and will make OCR processing errors obsolete.

While kc-codes provide a rather small storage capacity, capturing paper under controlled conditions, like a scanner device does, allows for upscaling the kc-code structure to a full two-dimensional plane. The image below, for instance, contains a full contract, about 10 pages of raw text.


The secure paper concept has several advantages:


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  1. Most algorithms encrypt data in sequential order. Because the two-dimensional format of the color matrix code, the hexagons can be encrypted and decrypted in an arbitrary order, which becomes then part of the cryptographic keys.
  2. As for the kc-code, the nearest neighbor exclusion rules introduce a specific redundancy in the code. This is used to correct errors or erasures (missing information).
  3. The secure code can be combined with human readable information, as required. This allows for hiding certain names or addresses (anonymous data) or TAN, PIN and similar codes from being read by unauthorized persons.
  4. R-EF GmbH develops/implements both error correcting codes and cryptographic methods for use with secure paper. As an alternative, we will provide on request the necessary tools for those wishing to implement their own crypto-codes.
  5. These methods must not be restricted to paper. Using these codes one can make the communication pathways between a company server and any of its auxiliary input devices (like an employee smart phone) more secure. To make the codec inaccessible to tampering, hardware based cryptographic key stores can be used.

By end of 2016 R-EF was granted 2 US, one full EU, and one Russian Federation Patent, protecting the main ideas explained above. In 2017 R-EF will provide a first mobile app for using the kc-code and will provide also a first API and SDK kit for other interested in this technology. If you are interested in licensing or have a particular idea for a common project please contact as at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..