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1 P. Rujan
The effect of gravity on the dynamics of the liquid - gas transition
Ph. D. Thesis, Lorand Eötvös University, Budapest, 1975 - unpublished

2 Z. Racz and P. Rujan
Dynamics of a simple model exhibiting a Landau phase transition
Amer. J. Phys. 43 (1975) 105

3 P. Rujan and P. Szépfalusy
Dynamic effect of gravity near the critical point of liquid - gas phase transition
presented at the V-th IUPAP Conference on Statistical Physics, Budapest, 1975

4 Z. Racz and P. Rujan
Application of the Monte Carlo method for evaluating the Niemeijer - van Leeuwen
cumulant expansion Z. Phys. B 28 (1977) 287

5 P. Rujan
Calculation of the free energy of Ising systems by a recursion method
Physica (Utrecht) A 91 (1978) 549

6 P. Rujan
Variational method for lattice systems: General formalism and application to the two-dimensional Ising model in an external field
Physica (Utrecht) A 96 (1979) 379

7 A. Patkós and P. Rujan
Static properties of the one-dimensional planar ferromagnet in an external field
Z. Phys. B 33 (1979) 163

8 A. Patkós and P. Rujan
Continuous kink condensation in the quantum planar Hamiltonian
Phys. Lett. A 76 (1979) 1

9 A. Patkós and P. Rujan
Disorder parameter approach to abelian Higgs models
Phys. Lett. B 88 (1979) 363

10 F. Deak, A. Patkós, and P. Rujan
Thermal characteristics of the two-dimensional planar rotator model
Phys. Rev. B 24 (1981) 2608

11 P. Rujan, G. O. Williams, H. L. Frisch, and G. Forgacs
Phase diagrams of two-dimensional Z(q) models
Phys. Rev. B 23 (1981) 1362

12 G. O. Wiiliams, P. Rujan, and H. L. Frisch:
Finite-lattice calculations for the two-dimensional axial-next-nearest-neighbor Ising model
Phys Rev B, 24, p. 6632 (1981)

13 P. Rujan
Critical behavior of the two-dimensional models with spatially modulated phases:
Analytic results Phys. Rev. B 24 (1981) 6620

14 G. O. Williams, P. Rujan, and H. L. Frisch
Finite-size lattice calculations for the two-dimensional ANNNI model
Phys. Rev. B 24 (1981) 5532

15 R. Pandit, G. Forgacs, and P. Rujan
Finite-size calculations for the kinetic Ising model
Phys. Rev. B 24 (1981) 1576

16 H. L. Frisch and P. Rujan
The inverse problem for the time dependent density matrix
Phys. Rev. A 25 (1982) 1815

17 P. Rujan
Order and disorder lines in systems with competing interactions: I. Quantum spins at T=0
J. Stat. Phys. 29 (1982) 213

18 P. Rujan
Order and disorder lines in systems with competing interactions: II. The IRF model
J. Stat. Phys. 29 (1982) 247

19 P. Rujan and A. Patkós:
Second order phase transition in a four-dimensional Z2 gauge theory
Phys Lett 129B p. 437 (1983)

20 P. Rujan
Order and disorder lines in systems with competing interactions: III. Exact results from stochastic crystal growth
J. Stat. Phys. 34 (1984) 615

21 P. Rujan and A. Patkós
A 3+1 dimensional Z2 lattice gauge theory with a second order phase transition
Phys. Lett. B 129 (1983) 437

22 P. Rujan, W. Selke, and G. Uimin
Rectangular lattice gas model with competing interactions and two-dimensional ANNNI model in a field
Z. Phys. B 53 (1983) 221

23 P. Rujan and G. Uimin
Lattice gas model with competing interactions: Hard walls, dimerizations and a new melting mechanism
J. Phys. A 17 (1984) L61

24 G. Györgyi and P. Rujan
Strange attractors in disordered systems
J. Phys. C 17 (1984) 4207

25 P. Rujan
Exact disorder solutions in N. Sanchez (Ed.) Non-linear Equations in Classical and Quantum Field Theory
Lecture Notes in Physics 226 p. 286 (Springer-Verlag, 1985)

26 A. Patkós and P. Rujan
Basis vector importance sampling of Hamiltonian lattice spectrum calculations
J. Phys. A 18 (1985) 1765

27 A. Patkós and P. Rujan
Phase transitions and zero mass excitations in 1+1 dimensional Z(p)-symmetric spin models
Phys. Lett. B 152 (1985) 346

28 J. M. Maillard, P. Rujan, and T. T. Truong
Algebraic properties and symmetries of the symmetric Ashkin - Teller model
J. Phys. A 18 (1985) 3399

29 P. Rujan, G. Uimin, and W. Selke
Commensurate - incommensurate phase transitions and wetting in a lattice-gas
model with axially competing interactions
Phys. Rev. B 32 (1985) 7453

30 A. Margaritis, A. Patkós and P. Rujan
Discrete approximations to the 1+1 dimensional O(3) symmetric lattice theory
Nucl. Phys. B 270 (FS16) (1986) 61

31 P. Rujan
A symbolic algorithm for finding exactly soluble statistical mechanical models
Acta Physica Hungarica 62 (1987) pp. 287-306

32 G. Uimin and P. Rujan
Wetting in two-dimensional systems with axially competing interactions
Phys. Rev. B: 34 (1986) 3551

33 P. Rujan, W. Selke, and G. Uimin
Wetting phenomena in the two-dimensional ANNNI model in a field
Z. Phys. B 65 (1986) 235

34 P. Rujan
Cellular automata and statistical mechanical models
Journal of Statistical Physics 49 139 (1987)

35 P. Rujan
Cellular Automata and Models of Memory
in J. Delacour and J. C. S. Levy (Eds.) Systems with Learning
and Memory Abilities, pp. 571-595, Elsevier Sci. Publ., North-Holland, 1988

36 D. Lyklema, C. Everts, and P. Rujan
A Laplacian Walk for the Travelling Salesman
Europhysics Letters 7 (1988) 191-195

37 P. Rujan
Searching for Optimal Configurations by Simulated Tunneling
Zeitschrift für Physik B 73 (1988) pp. 391-416

38 P. Rujan and M. Marchand
Learning by Minimizing Resources in Neural Networks
Complex Systems 3 (1989) 229-242

39 P. Rujan and M. Marchand
A Geometric Approach to Learning in Neural Networks
in the Proceedings of International Joint Conference in Neural Networks
Vol. II 105-110, Washington D.C., June 1989

40 W. Gudat and P. Rujan
Optimierung und Simulated Annealing
20. IFF-Ferienkurs, Computersimulation in der Physik, 1989

41 D. Hansel, J.M. Maillard and P. Rujan
A Step by Step Approach to Integrability
Int. J. Modern Phys. B 10 (1989) 1539-1559

42 P. Rujan
Learning and Architectures of Neural Networks in Models of Brain Function, R.M.J. Cotterill (Ed.)
Cambridge University Press, 1989

43 T. Nattermann and P. Rujan
Random Fields and Other Systems Dominated by Disorder Fluctuations
Int. J. Modern Phys. 11 (1989) 1597-1654

44 M. Marchand, M. Golea and P. Rujan
Convergence Theorem for Sequential Learning in Two Layer Perceptrons
Europhysics Letters 11 (1989) 487-492

45 P. Rujan
Learning in Multilayer Networks: a Geometric Computational Approach in Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks,
Proc. XI Sitges Conf., Ed. L. Garrido Springer-Verlag 1990

46 W. Kinzel and P. Rujan
Improving a Network Generalization Ability by Selecting Examples
Europhysics Letters 13 (1990) 473-477

47 P. Rujan
Two Sufficient Conditions for Convergence in Multilayer Perceptrons
Neurodynamics F. Pasemann and H-D. Doebner (Eds) World Scientific 1991

48 K. Jaeckel, J. Pade, and P. Rujan
Neronaler Netzwerke: Der Nürnberger Trichter des Handlungsreisenden
Zur Didaktik der Physik und Chemie: Probleme und Perspektive
K. H. Wiebel (Ed.), Leuchtturm-Verlag 1992

49 U. Ramacher and P. Rujan
A Neural Network Approach to Defect Recognition in Designed Chip Masks (1991)
unpublishable, 1992

50 P. Rujan and U. Ramacher
Material Defect Recognition from Ultrasound Data in Nuclear Plant Pipe Systems (1992)
unpublishable, 1992

51 P. Rujan
Feedforward Networks: from Theory to Technology in New Computing Techniques in Physics Research II (D. Perret-Gallix, Ed.)
Proc. of Second International Workshop on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Expert Systems in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, World Scientific, 1992

52 S. Seewer and P. Rujan
The Generalization Probability of a Perceptron Using the ∆-Rule
J. Phys. A 25 (1992) L505

53 P. Rujan
A Fast Method for Calculating the Perceptron with Maximal Stability
J. de Phys. (Paris) I 3 (1993) 277-290

54 P. Rujan
Finite Temperature Error-Correcting Codes
Phys. Rev. Lett. 70 (1993) 2968-2971

55. P. Rujan
Coding Theory and Markov-Ansätze for Spin-Glasses
unpublished (1993)

56 P. Rujan
A Mosaic-Cycle Approach to Neuronal Computation in Neural Bases of Learning and Memory
J. Delacour (Ed.) World Scientific, 1994, pp 745-769

57 J. Ammermüller, W. Möckel, and P. Rujan
A Geometric Description of Horizontal Cell Networks in Vertebrate Retina
Brain Research 616 (1993) 351—356

58 T. Fröhlinghaus, A. Weichert, and P. Rujan
Hierarchical Neural Networks for Time-Series Analysis and Control
Network 5 (1994) 1—16

59 S. Migowski, T. Wanschura, and P. Rujan
Competition and Cooperation in a Toy Autobahn Model
Zeitschrift für Physik B 95 (1994) 407-414

60 P. Rujan
Some Inverse Problems in Statistical Physics, Habilitationsschrift,
Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität, Oldenburg, 1994

61 H. G. Beyer, T. Degner, J. Hausmann, M. Hoffmann, and P. Rujan
Short Term Prediction of Wind Speed and Power Output of a Wind Turbine,
EWEC’94 Proceedings, Athen 1995

62 R. Usbeck and P. Rujan
Numerical Simulations of the ACh-Driven Synapse at the Neuromuscular Junction,
in ”Supercomputing in Brain Research”, H.J. Herrmann, D.E. Wolf, E. Pöppel (Eds) pp 265-272 World Scientific, 1995
– in Proc. of the 23rd Göttingen Neurobiology Conference 1995, Eds. N. Elsner and R. Menzel, pp. 655

63 B. Wichern and P. Rujan
Analysis of Dopamine and H+ Diffusion in the Extracellular Space of the Retina
in ”Supercomputing in Brain Research” H.J. Herrmann, D.E. Wolf, E. Pöppel (Eds) pp 272-277 World Scientific, 1995 – in Proc. of the 23rd Göttingen Neurobiology Conference 1995, Eds. N. Elsner and R. Menzel, pp. 656

64 C. Bramsted, H. Urbschat and P. Rujan
How to Generate Phasespace Examples for Learning Optimal Control,

65 T. Wanschura, S. Migowski, and P. Rujan
Effect of Adaptive Strategies on a Simple Model of Freeway Traffic
in ”Traffic and Granular Flow”, D. E. Wolf, M. Schreckenberg, A. Bachem (Eds) pp 211-217
World Scientific, 1996

66 J. Benda, P. Rujan , and J. Ammermüller
An Adaptive Model for Retinal Horizontal Cell Syncytium: Theory and Experiment
in Proc. of the 24th Göttingen Neurobiology Conference 1996,
Eds. N. Elsner and H-U. Schnitzler, pp. 366

67 H. Urbscaht, P. Rujan, M. Bongard, J. Ammermüller:
New tools for data aquisition and analysis in multichannel recordings
in Proc. of the 24th Göttingen Neurobiology Conference 1997

68 P. Rujan and T. Wanschura:
Optimal Image Restoration and the Goal of Visual Perception
in Proc. of the 24th Göttingen Neurobiology Conference 1997

69 P. Rujan and T. Wanschura:
Optimal Image Restoration and the Goal of Visual Perception in Information Processing in the Visual Cortex.
Processing in the Visual Cortex (Mai 1996) (Mai 1996), Ed. K J. L. van Hemmen

70 P. Rujan
Playing Billiard in Version Space,
Neural Computation 9 (1996) pp 197-238

71 J. Hausmann and P. Rujan
Stationary Properties of the Randomly Driven Ising Ferromagnet,
Phys. Rev Lett. 79 (1997) pp. 3339-3342

72 P. Rujan
The Minesweepers’ Bayesian Survival Guide
Philos. Mag. B 77 (1998) 1539-1548

73 M-P. Schambach and P. Rujan:
A Simple Retinal Simulator: Structure and Results (poster)
in Forum of European Nueroscience, 1998

74 J. Hausmann and P. Rujan
The Randomly Driven Ising Ferromagnet: I. General Formalism and Mean-Field Theory,
J. Phys. A 32 (1999) 61-74

75 J. Hausmann and P. Rujan
The Randomly Driven Ising Ferromagnet: II. One and Two Dimensions,
J. Phys. A 32 (1999) 75-92

76 Bongard M, Urbschat H, Rujan P, Ammermüller J:
Stimulus driven spike synchronization in retinal ganglion cell populations may serve as a triggering signal for the decoding of visual stimulus features.
in: Elsner N, Eysel U (eds). Proceedings of the 27. Göttingen Neurobiology Conference.Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart New York. (1999) p 452.

77 P. Rujan and M. Marchand
Computing the Bayes Kernel Classifier in: Advances in Large Margin Classifiers,
eds A. Smola et al, MIT Press (2000) 329-348

78 Ammermüller J, Bongard M, Rujan P, Voges N:
Decoding of visual stimulus features from the intrinsic activity of retinal ganglion cell populations.
Perception 29 (2000) (suppl): 11.

79 J. Benda, R. Bock, P. Rujan, and J. Ammermüller:
Asymmetrical dynamics of voltage spread in retinal horizontal cell networks
Visual Neurosci, vol 18, pp. 835-848 (2001)

80 P. Rujan
Combinatorial Optimization and High Dimensional Billiards in "Computational Statistical Physics - From Billards to Monte Carlo"
Karl Heinz Hoffmann und Michael Schreiber (Hrsg.) Springer Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg (2002)

81 Benda J, Bock R, Rujan P and Ammermüller J:
Asymmetrical dynamics of voltage spread in retinal horizontal cell networks.
Visual Neuroscience 18 pp 835-848 (2001)

82 Greschner M, Bongard M, Rujan P., and Ammermüller J:
Retinal ganglion cell synchronization by fixational eye movements improves feature estimation
Nature Neuroscience 5 pp 341-347 (2002)

83 Rujan P., Urbschat H.
Classi fication Method and Apparatus
World Patent WO0067150, 2000-11-09

84 Rujan P., Rabald M., Goerke A.
Method and apparatus for processing electronic documents
World Patent WO 01643467, 2001-08-30

85 Rujan P.
SERbrainware at TREC 2001
10. TREC: Gaithersburg, Maryland, 2001

86 C. Layer, J. Schwenninger, H-J. Peiderer, and P. Rujan
The AMASS Project Documentation, EC FP6 AMASS Project, University of Ulm, 2007
Implements the golden model provided by P. Rujan into a FPGA

87 J. Carrabina, D. Castells, M. Monton, P. Rujan, F. Vuillod, J. Schwenninger, A. Mages, C. Layer, H-J. Peiderer
AMASS core: Associative Memory Arrays for Semantic Search supported by the FP6 EC Research Programme
IP 07 IP Based Electronic Systems, Conference and Exhibition, Dec. 5-6 2007, Grenoble, France

88 J. M. Sanchez and P. Rujan,
Extending the AMASS Platform via Feature Encoders (to content-based image retrieval and to matching genomic sequences)
AMASS Project Documentation, 2008

89 P. Rujan,
Final Activity Report for the AMASS Project, EC FP6 CRAFT AMASS-018283 Report, 2008

90 P. Rujan,
Producing, Capturing, and Using Visual Identi cation Tags for Moving Objects
USPTO and WIPO Utility Patent Application, 2010

91 P. Rujan,
Storage Capacity of Visual Reference Tags
Nov. 29, 2011

92 P. Rujan,
Block cyphers, keys, and abelian integer transformations
Feb. 27, 2015

93 P. Rujan,
Some geometric integer transformations
Feb. 28, 2015